LG AKB74115501 TV Remote Control


TV Remote Control for LG AKB74115501

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TV Remote Control for LG AKB74115501=AKB72914278=AKB73615321=AKB73615319=AKB72915252. Suitable for LG 3D Smart TV (many models) See Description for Compatibility

Remote control for TV LG AKB74115501
100% complies with remote controls: AKB72915252, AKB72914278, AKB73615321, AKB73615319.
Fit models: 19LD350, 19LD350C, 19LE5300, 19LH20, 22LD350, 22LD350C, 22LE5300, 22LE5500, 22LH20, 22LH200C, 22LH200C.AUS, 22LH200CUA, 22LS3500, 22LS3510, 22LT560C, 26LD320H, 26LD340H, 26LD350, 26LE5300, 26LE5500, 26LH20, 26LH20UA, 26LH210C, 26LS3500, 26LS3510, 26LT560C, 26LT670H, 26LT670H-UA, 26LT673H, 26LT673H-UA, 32CS460, 32CS461, 32CS560, 32CS560UE.AUSDLUR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 32LD310H, 32LD320, 32LD320H, 32LD325H, 32LD330H, 32LD333H, 32LD340H, 32LD345H, 32LD350, 32LD420, 32LD450, 32LD520, 32LD550, 32LD550UB, 32LE5300, 32LE5400, 32LF11, 32LH20, 32LH200C, 32LH200CUA, 32LH20UA, 32LH210C, 32LH30, 32LM6400, 32LM6400SA, 32LM6400-SA, 32LP560M, 32LP620H, 32LP620H-UH, 32LP621H, 32LP621H-UA, 32LP645H, 32LP645H-UH, 32LS3400, 32LS3500, 32LS3510, 32LS5700, 32LT560C, 32LT670H, 32LT670H-UA, 32LT770H, 32LT770H-UA, 32LT777H, 32LT777H-UA, 37CS560, 37CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 37CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 37LD310H, 37LD320H, 37LD325H, 37LD330H, 37LD333H, 37LD340H, 37LD350, 37LD450, 37LD450C, 37LE5300, 37LH20, 37LH200C, 37LH20UA, 37LH30, 37LH30UA, 37LP620H, 37LP645H, 37LP645H-UH, 37LT560C, 37LT560E, 37LT670H, 37LT670H-UA, 37LT770H, 37LT770H-UA, 37LT777H, 37LT777H-UA, 39LP620H, 39LP620H-UH, 39LP645H, 39LP645H-UH, 42CS530, 42CS560, 42CS560UE.AUSYLHR, 42LD320H, 42LD340H, 42LD420, 42LD450, 42LD450C, 42LD450-UA, 42LD520, 42LD550, 42LD550UB, 42LD630, 42LE5300, 42LE530C, 42LE5350, 42LE5400, 42LE5500, 42LE7300, 42LE7500, 42LF11, 42LH20, 42LH200C, 42LH30, 42LH30UA, 42LH30UALG, 42LM6200, 42LM6400, 42LM6400SA, 42LM6400-SA, 42LP560M, 42LP620H, 42LP620H-UH, 42LP621H-UA, 42LP645H, 42LP645H-UH, 42LS3400, 42LS5700, 42LS5750, 42LT560C, 42LT560E, 42LT670H, 42LT670H-UA, 42LT770H, 42LT770H-UA, 42LT777H, 42LT777H-UA, 42LV5500, 42LV5500UAAUSDLHR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 42LW5700, 42LX6500, 42PA4500, 42PQ10, 42PT350, 46LD550, 46LD550UB, 47LD420, 47LD450, 47LD450C, 47LD520, 47LD630, 47LD650, 47LD650UA, 47LE5300, 47LE530C, 47LE5350, 47LE5400, 47LE5500

All functions 100% covered. No programming or setup required. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remote control.


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