Remote control for Samsung model AA59-00104K. It is a replacement remote control unit and will work as well as the original. All functions 100% covered. No programming or setup required. The remote will be sent as pictured here.

Supported / Compatible models AA59-00104A, AA59-00104C, AA59-00104J, AA59-00104M, AA59-00104N, Originally supplied with TV models: CS29D8WT, CS29K10MQ, CS29K5MT, CS29K5WT, CS29V5WT, CZ21A083N, CZ21M63N, CZ28V53N, CS29D8WT7X/AAG, CS29K10MQBX/XSE, CS29K5MHBX/AAG, CS29V5MHLX/AAG, CZ21A083NX/XEC, CZ21M63NSPX/XEH, CZ28V53NSPX/XEH, CS29K10MQBXXSE


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