Remote control for Samsung AA59-00370A




Remote control for Samsung model AA59-00370A. It is a replacement remote control unit and will work as well as the original. All functions 100% covered. No programming or setup required. The remote will be sent as pictured here.

Supported / Compatible models : CS25M20SPQ, CS25M6SSQ, CS29L30SSQ CS25M20SPQ, CS25M6SSQ, CS29L30SSQ, CS29M20SPQ, CS29M20SSQ, CS29M21SPQ, CS29M21SSQ, CS29M30SPQ, CS29M6SPQ, CS29M6SSQ, CS29Z30BP, CS29Z30SPQ, CW29M026P, CW29M026T, CW29M026V, CW29M066V, CW29M166T, CW29M166V, CW29M226PQ, CW29M226V, CW-29Z306T, CW29Z306T, CW-29Z306V, WS28M166V, WS28M206T, WS28M206V, WS32M066V, WS32M166T, WS32M166V, WS32M206P, WS32M206T, WS32M206V, WS32M226PQ, WS32M226V, WS32M30SPQ, WS32Z306T, WS32Z306V, WS32Z30SSQ, WS32Z316T, WS32Z316V, WS32Z31SSQ, CW29M066, CW29M066V, CW29Z306T


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