Replacement Remote control for Samsung AA59-00382A


$17.95 $13.95


Remote control for Samsung model AA59-00382A. It is a replacement remote control unit and will work as well as the original. All functions 100% covered. No programming or setup required. The remote will be sent as pictured here.

Supported / Compatible models : CW-29Z408PQ, CW29-Z418 PQX/XEC, CW-29Z41, CW-29Z508T, CS-29A730EP, CS-29Z30HSQ, CS-29Z40HPQ, CS-29Z40HSQ, CS-29Z45HPQ, CS-29Z45HSQ, CS-29Z47HPQ, CS-29Z47HSQ, CS-29Z50HKQ, CS-29Z50HPQ, CS-29Z57HPQ, CS-29Z58HPQ, CW-29Z308P, CW-29Z308T, CW-29Z338P, CW-29Z338T, CW-29Z408PQ, CW-29Z408T, CW-29Z418P, CW-29Z418T, CW-29Z508P, CW-29Z508T, WS-32Z308P, WS-32Z308T, WS-32Z30HPQ, WS-32Z30HSQ, WS-32Z318T, WS-32Z348T, WS-32Z409P, WS-32Z409T, WS-32Z40HN, WS-32Z40HPQ, WS-32Z40HTQ, WS-32Z419P, WS-32Z419T, WS-32Z429P, WS-32Z429T, WS-32Z50HTQ


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