SAMSUNG BN59-00889A Remote Control

Remote Control for SAMSUNG model BN59-00889A. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remote control made by the source manufacturer of the item. Not a copy remote. The remote will be sent as pictured here. All functions 100% covered. No programming or setup required.

Supported / Compatible models : 2033M, LN22B350F2, LN22B350F2XSR, LN22B350F2XUG, LN22B350F2XZL, LN22B350F2XZP, LN22B350F2XZS, LN22B450C4, LN22B450C4XSR, LN22B450C4XUG, LN22B450C4XZL, LN22B450C4XZP, LN22B450C4XZS, LN22B450C8, LN22B450C8XSR, LN22B450C8XUG, LN22B450C8XZL, LN22B450C8XZS, LN26B350F1, LN26B350F1XSR, LN26B350F1XUG, LN26B350F1XZL, LN26B350F1XZP, LN26B350F1XZS, LN26B450C4, LN26B450C4XSR, LN26B450C4XUG, LN26B450C4XZL, LN26B450C4XZP, LN26B450C4XZS, LN32B350F1, LN32B350F1XSR, LN32B350F1XUG, LN32B350F1XZL, LN32B350F1XZP, LN32B350F1XZS, LN32B450C4, LN32B450C4XSR, LN32B450C4XUG, LN32B450C4XZL, LN32B450C4XZP, LN32B450C4XZS, LN32B460B2, LN32B460B2XSR, LN32B460B2XUG, LN32B460B2XZL, LN32B460B2XZP, LS20CFSKFMZD, LS23EMWKF/XA, LS23EMWKF/XM, LS23EMWKF/ZB, LS24EMSKUMZM, P2370MS, P2470HN, PL42B430P2, PL42B430P2XSR, PL42B430P2XUG, PL42B430P2XZB, PL42B430P2XZL, PL42B430P2XZP


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